Picked & Plucked

I’ve been picked and plucked Like unwanted hairs on a unibrow. They saw me and set me aside Pushed me to hide And dive deep beneath the trough Until I disappeared in waters uncharted. There, I learned to choke the sound of my voice Because I believed I had no choice And I forgot that […]

Squad Goals

It’s been a while Since I glued words on a page Like feathers on a bird. It’s been a while since I’ve felt Inspiring thoughts flow through my mind Like rivers in the wild. It’s been a while since I’ve experienced The warmth of true friendship Of a smile unforced by the rules of society; […]

Career Goals: Tips & Tricks from an HR Professional

One day my cousin Dawn and I were talking about our dreams and what we hope to see happen in this beautiful world of ours. At one point, the conversation geared toward her journey to becoming an HR Professional at the Bank of Canada, a job she truly loves. She spoke of her experience and […]

My Love

There was a time When my love thought of me as sublime He held my head high And taught me how to fly I was lost in the warmth of his embrace And thought that he was the definition of grace His breath against my neck Felt like the thrill of a shipwreck. My love […]

His Words

His eyes were dark brown. His hair was black. He was like the Eiffel tower, Tall and majestic, strong in all of its splendor. His voice was the combination of the soothing sound of the waves Amidst the roaring thunder. His hands looked like they could carry a thousand broken hearts, Including mine, Without breaking […]

Permission to Love

One of the things people within the Christian community like to talk about is what we cannot or are not allowed to do as Christians e.g. A girl can’t have short hair, we can’t wear short skirts or show cleavage, we’re not allowed to swear, we can’t drink, you can’t have a tattoo and claim […]


Her lips are covered in the sweetness of berries Her smile echoes further than the loudest horn at sea And reminds everyone that they are home, In the presence of a friend. She is a soft pillow that appeases a fall; There lies her strength. Her brokenness is to be admired, as one witnesses The […]