Harmony, unconditionally

Seemingly, the money will give us harmony
Let us live in this palace
Like the kings and queens of Buckingham!
Let us compartmentalize our lives:
Kitchen here,
Playroom for the boys downstairs
Playroom for the girls upstairs
Three living rooms
Where is everyone
I don’t know
But we live in harmony in this palace.
We remain proper when we gather
With the help who cook downstairs
And bring the plates upstairs
Beware not to be seen with the paupers on the street
We need to have boundaries if we want to live in
I’m afraid we’ve watched too much Downton Abbey
Living like kings and queens!
The money
Has gone.
Do you think you can still love me

Oh you silly silly
The money killed our chemistry
Finally we are free
To live amongst the tulips with hues of red
And purple and yellow.
Finally we can dance in the meadows,
In fields of lilies and roses.
Let the green willows
Cry for the lost wealth we suffered
Let the caterpillars turn into monarchs
So their flames can bring us comfort.
Don’t you see,
This is harmony —
The sun shining in all of its glory
The cool breeze of the night
Sending away clouds to make way for the twinkling stars
The moon and the wind
The waves and the sand
The thunder, the oxygen
They all help each other by doing what they do best
The money has gone
But our humanity remains
Let us love each other unconditionally
And surely, we will learn to live
In harmony.

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