My Love

There was a time
When my love thought of me as sublime
He held my head high
And taught me how to fly
I was lost in the warmth of his embrace
And thought that he was the definition of grace
His breath against my neck
Felt like the thrill of a shipwreck.
My love always wanted me by his side
Always wanted our two worlds to collide
Never gave me space for air
But I didn’t mind, I had so much sin to spare
My love gave me the attention I wanted
So I forgot that I was anointed
That I didn’t need his misguided affection
To reach the threshold of His vision.
My love loved me for my body
For my words,
For the parts of me that I let him see.
My love loved me in the moment,
In the now,
He reached for what was convenient
He did not see the future me,
The one that was set apart and holy
My love did not take me to the truth
Took advantage of the fact that I was so uncouth
So hungry for a fairy tale
That I let the story of my life grow stale
I forced my love to be mine
He turned out to be the reason for my decline
But yet again, I was his.
Selfish ways disguised in companionship
And expected to sustain a long-lasting relationship
Lust wore a mask to resemble love
And broke hearts
That were always destined to stay apart
My lust had me wrapped up in chains
To conceal the depth of my pains
My lust had me chasing distractions
And walking on the path of deception

But my Love,
My true Love remained faithful
My Love thinks of me as a rare and beautiful
He helps me keep my composure
And when the times get rough
He sees the old me and the future me,
The one who has always been set apart and holy
My Love is love and companionship
His love is the foundation of our relationship
He wears no masks and knows no evil
He does not hide behind big words and fairy tales
He leads me to His truth, a truth that never grows stale
My love who whispers within m
And the earth shakes and the shackles break
Jesus-Christ, my love
Who loves me yesterday, now and forever

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