Picked & Plucked

I’ve been picked and plucked
Like unwanted hairs on a unibrow.
They saw me and set me aside
Pushed me to hide
And dive deep beneath the trough
Until I disappeared in waters uncharted.
There, I learned to choke the sound of my voice
Because I believed I had no choice
And I forgot that once,
I had been given the right to rejoice.
I saw no end to the sting of the pluck
So I learned to defend the reasons I remained stuck:
To stay locked behind this prison cell
Or to defend my right to excel?
But how could I claim what I didn’t know was mine?
Please, someone, do tell.
I’m just a girl amongst other girls
I can be a copper coin, perhaps, but not a pearl.
Given my circumstances,
I must strive to survive;
To thrive is only for those who were once alive,
Perhaps some time before century five.
Who am I to think otherwise?

You are a sunflower:
Your petals follow the sun
So that you are always in the light.
You’ve been picked from the meadow
Because you thrived,
Now it is time for the show;
Time to pluck your leaves one by one
So that others may see
How one petal took you to the sea
And another made you sing.
You left the stage so you could visit a cave
Where you would write of the days
You were producing a play
When the petals on your stalk all fell to the ground
And your story remained unfinished,
The crowd
Realized you were not merely a sunflower
But the meadow itself.
You’re just another girl gifted with talents;
Talents that you offer the world as gifts.
You are no pearl
Yet your worth surpasses that of diamonds and gold
You’re like a story that readers unfold
One word at a time, yet you remain untold.

I hope when you reach the shore once more
Your voice will ache from speaking life and truth
May your hands tire from breaking the chains
That were years ago locked on you.
Perhaps you’ll realize that you have been
Personally picked and purposefully plucked
To thrive like one of those people
Who were once alive,
and whose glory will continue
To be talked about even during century thirty-five.

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