We are born winners, destined to thrive in every aspect of our lives. Called to be who we are and to share who we are with the world, however big or small our worlds are. However, fear has found a way to be more prominent than faith. Fear of failure, fear of people’s opinion, fear of losing friends, and even the fear of success. As a result, we hit walls that seem to have no open doors; we remain stuck within our circumstances yet keep up appearances that portray fulfilled versions of ourselves, thanks social not-so-social media!

Through this journey, I seek to turn this big world we share into the small, individual parts that make it; to find the hidden truths — fears, goals, failures, joys etc. — that make us humans and allow us to connect with one another. I seek to spread wisdom, inspiration and encouragement through people’s stories, through your stories; to make you realize that we all come with experiences and struggles, but when we decide to banish all fear and doubt, we inevitably become the conquerors we were destined to be.