My mother’s tongue is knowledge for my mind, A love letter to my heart And poetry to my soul A syllable in my mother’s tongue could make Shakespearean verses seem so ordinary My mother’s tongue was a lullaby That made me dream until dawn. It raised me until the age of three And I nurtured […]

No Superhuman

She’s no superhuman She hasn’t stepped over anyone Nor does she compete with anyone. In fact, She is still a little unsure; She still wobbles when she sees an obstacle She hears the chatters and the whispers She sees the fingers pointing at her inaptitude But everyday She wears her winning attitude She ignores and […]

Finding Beauty

I found beauty In my mother’s strength When her legs tired and her hands froze in the midnight cold She carried me, Young and reckless, Exhausted from a day of playing and crying I found beauty in my sister’s drive When the lies came and the arrows pierced The walls of her heart She bounced […]

Kingdom Standards

Have you ever reached that point where you thought your standards were too high? A time when you have given your opinion or position on a particular subject and people gave you looks like you were an alien. Maybe no one had to tell you anything; you simply looked around and saw that people were […]


Let the darkness be a blank page on which to bring out life. Speak so that every word holds weight Like a waterfall, powerful in its course And appeasing to the mind.     *** shop at

Silly Little Girl

Dear silly little girl, Rise. Rise above words, above expectations. Do not be tied down to the Plumpness of your lips and the fullness of your hips. Find the beauty in the depth of your thoughts And the reach of your tongue So that even when they think you can be bought With pretty words […]

The Search

Sometimes I wonder if my words are strong enough, Powerful enough to reach souls and change minds Sometimes I wonder if my presence is enough to shake The earth and leave marks on broken lives A part of me wants to¬† be satisfied with the roof over my head, With a TV to keep me […]